We formed Vigilante in 2010 after the demise of Bad Blood and The Deadwalk! Jim, Jake and I (Dave – no need for this third person bullshit) had been mates for years and played a lot of shows together.

When Jake joined Ill Brigade, Dean and Adam’s enthusiasm to jam was infectious but it didn’t start like that straight away. We had one jam with Mick (Irrelevant, Last Nerve, Homeward Bound) on drums, the day after he got hit by a car on his bike. The toxic shock got him through the session but he wanted to do something a little different.

When Dean and Adam got in on the act, it was perfect. Most of us are a little bit older and have some other commitments, so we’re beyond lucky to have a fine young edgeman, Felipe Gonzalez, to back-up on guitar and bass. If you don’t know him, you’re missing out. He’s also in Ill Brigade. I really like Ill Brigade.

I’ve never done this before in a band, so here’s the downlow on the Vigilante crew…

Jake Gibson. Nike. Adidas. Vans. Boca Juniors. Suicidal for life. Bad Blood. Urban Mayhem.

Jim Chelsea FC. Newcastle. Clevo. The Deadwalk! Hunter Valley.

Dean Colossal man. Great food. Great cook. Fine taste in hardcore. Ill Brigade. Right Idea.

Adam Comedy. Ill Brigade. Right Idea. Sick Society. Blow Your Brains Out. Hardcore encyclopedia. Melbourne Storm.

Dave FC Augsburg. The core. Vigilantism. Vegan. Last Nerve. Bad Blood.

Felipe The Straight Edge. The core. Art of 8 limbs. Colo Colo. Vegan.