Live: Election Night ’13

Survival Sydney weekend

Survival’s Sydney weekend kicks off tonight at Hermann’s Bar. If you’ve been sleeping on it, check out their self titled 7″ on Resist Records.

Social Justice

The Station Ltd

Thanks to everyone who recently bought shirts, records, jackets and to those who told us to “keep the change for charity”. You helped us donate $300 to The Station today. We couldn’t have done it without you and also Resist Records, Youth Of Today and Mindsnare for hooking us up with shows. Check out what the donation goes towards on The Station’s services timetable.

Keep It Up

Coffee Branch

If it wasn’t for Scott from Coffee Branch in Adelaide, the recorded history of Vigilante would be very different. And we wouldn’t have had the best coffee in Adelaide. Keep it up.

Youth Of Today

Youth Of Today tour

We’ll be supporting Youth Of Today at the upcoming Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney (18+ only) shows.

“There’s a youth crisis, you better start to care, hundreds of kids going nowhere”

Jah bless

The Station Ltd

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Quality Of Life record release shows, you helped us raise $650 for The Station Ltd. We couldn’t have done it without help from Graham & Resist Record, Oli & Broken Hive Records, Iron Mind, Reincarnation, Boneless, Mood Swing and Death Toll. Unity.