Sydney’s Hardcore

Relentless, Ill Brigade, Vigilante, Deadly Visions, Upperground – January 4 Hermann's Bar

Saturday 4 January 2014. Ourselves and the good people of Resist Records, Upperground, Deadly Visions, Ill Brigade and Relentless are playing a benefit show for Sydney homelessness charity The Station at Hermann’s Bar. All door receipts will be donated directly to The Station who have been serving Sydney’s homeless since 1978. Start the year right. Sydney for Sydney.

Record Store Day 2012

Richie Birkenhead

Just one purchase from Resist Records this year. Huge thanks to Ryan for keeping one aside, I didn’t want to miss out. You’re welcome to join the crew.

SYWH podcast – Lars from Uppercut/Judge/Side By Side/Alone In A Crowd

Lars Weiss

Lars Weiss

If you like NYHC like us, check out the second Stuff You Will Hate podcast. Sergeant D hosts a quiet-achieving NYHC veteran, Lars Weiss, from bands such as Side By Side, Alone In A Crowd, Uppercut, and Judge.

We discussed hipsters invading hardcore, NYHC as a form (ala jazz or classical), and how we are bummed that Vice put out the OFF! record.

Also takes on reunions, Age Of Quarrel for girls and some new musical ventures Lars is involved in.


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